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Orient Craft visits GTE for embroidery machines

Mr. Amardeep Singh, VP, Orient Craft Ltd, Gurgaon

We are planning to add computer embroidery machines in our Jharkhand unit and so have come to GTE. Currently we have around 100 embroidery machines and a few of our suppliers are exhibiting at GTE.

Neelam Dresses never disappointed when visiting GTE

Mr. Sujit Agrawal, Neelam Dresses, Jhansi

We are manufacturers of school uniforms in Jhansi and distribute in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. We have 35 stitching machines and we come to GTE every year to check our new developments. We always come across upgrades or new models in stitching at GTE and have never been disappointed with our visit to GTE.

Nasa Jeans stays updated with latest technologies at GTE

Mr. FaizAlam, Owner, Nasa Jeans, New Delhi

We are coming here since the last two years and are manufacturers of denim jeans and have 70stitching machines. We came across a new technology which will be helpful for us and we will purchase around 10 machines. We now visit GTE regularly as it helps us stay updated on latest developments and also gain knowledge.

Good experience for Radheshwari Kripa

Mr. Sanatan, Director, Radheshwari Kripa, Noida

We having been coming to GTE since the last five years and do computer embroidery work and have come here to see embroidery as well as stitching machines. We saw a four sequence one sided attachment this time, which is new launch. Our experience has been good as we got to see a new model.

Objective behind visiting GTE served for JSB Trims

Mr. Dinesh Sharma, JSB Trims, New Delhi

We come to GTE every year and manufacture garment accessories and have come to GTE 2020 to check out the latest in narrow width machineries. We came across a very good technology and also heat transfer machines and also vinyl sheets. So our objective behind visiting has been served. This time there is freshness in the exhibition and the exhibition area is also very clean.

Jiva Designs always satisfied with visit to GTE

Mr. Hari Shankar, Jiva Designs, Faridabad

We have been visiting GTE since the last three years and are into exports of womenswear and have around 700 stitching machines. All the heads of various departments at Jiva have come here. I look after computerised embroidery. I came across a device that offers eight sequins. We work on Wilcom software and also came across software from Stitchmax. We have always been satisfied with our visit to GTE.

Singh & Associates very much satisfied with visit to GTE

Mr. LN Raj, Consultant, Singh & Associates, New Delhi

We have been visiting GTE since the last two years and are consultants and help set up garment manufacturing units. This time we came across new technologies in digital printing and embroidery machines. There are also a few updated stitching machine models. Whenever, we set up a project, we recommend these suppliers to our clients. We are very much satisfied with our visit

Bags manufacturing unit to buy stitching & embroidery machines

Mr. Hardeep Sethi, RM, WGS, New Delhi

We are planning to set up an embroidered bags manufacturing unit and have come here to check out the latest machineries. It was a great learning experience for us as we know little about stitching and other related technologies. GTE is a one stop destination for all our factory needs. We plan to buy sewing machines and an embroidery machine. We had a great experience visiting this exhibition.

Rajni Exclusive may buy flatbed seamless knitting machine

Mr. Jeetendra Madhani, Partner, Rajni Exclusive, Surat

We are visiting GTE for first time and are manufacturers of fabrics as well as readymade garments and have 22 stitching machines. We have come here to see the latest in stitching machines and also value addition machinery. We came across new developments in automatic stitching machines, digital printing and also a flatbed seamless knitting machine. We may purchase the seamless knitting machine in near future.

Tarini Trendz comes across awesome four colour sequin device

Mr. Rohit Sethi, Tarini Trendz, New Delhi

We are visiting GTE since inception and are manufacturers of sequins which we supply to exporters. We have come here to check out the four colour sequin devices, which has been recently introduced in India. What we came across was really awesome and will help us grow our market for sequins. This four colour sequin device is the future of embroidery. We are fully satisfied with our visit.

Narang Brothers always satisfied after visit to GTE

Mr. Rajkamal Narang, Narang Brothers, New Delhi

We have been visiting GTE since its inception and are in to selling of sewing machine spare parts. We always come here to check out new developments in machinery as well as sewing machine parts. This is a really wonderful exhibition, as we always come across new garment machineries or spare parts at every edition. We have always been satisfied with our visit to this exhibition.

Wintage finds GTE 2020 comprehensive

Mr. Sahil Mohammed, Wintage Engineers, Ghaziabad

Along with producing auto spare parts, we also manufacture t-shirts and also do sublimation as well as screen printing. We came across some interesting technologies in washing and vinyl printing and may purchase them in near future. We have already placed orders for stitching tables. We have visited two other exhibitions earlier, but found GTE comprehensive as everything needed for a garment factory is displayed here

Visitor finds GTE 2020 cleaner

Mr. Kanwal Wadhwa, Director, Lions Industries, New Delhi

We are coming to GTE since the last six editions and are manufacturers of narrow fabrics used in lanyards and other applications. We came out to check out new developments in narrow width woven machinery. There are three exhibitors showing these technologies. We are satisfied with our visit. The exhibition area is cleaner this time.

Labket to purchase stitching machines from GTE exhibitors

Mr. Shalabh Agarwal, Director, Labket, Lucknow

We are visiting GTE since the last three editions and are manufacturers of t-shirts and are now planning expansion. We have taken quotes from 2-3 exhibitors and will be buying around 10 stitching machines by next month. One other technology that we really liked was a laser fabric cutting machine. We are extremely satisfied with our visit.

Amann finds GTE 2020 clean with good ambience

Mr. Sankalp Agnihotri, Amann Group, Gurgaon

We have been coming to GTE since the last three editions and are a German company manufacturing stitching and embroidery threads. We have come here to gain knowledge and keep ourselves updated. The exhibition is very clean this time, parking is organised and ambience is also good. There is a possibility that we may exhibit in the near future.

Visiting GTE proves beneficial for Fiora Services

Mr. Rajneesh Sharma, Fiora Services Ltd, New Delhi

We do sourcing for Tata Trends, which manages Westside. We have come with our team to check out the latest garment machineries and check out solutions for the challenges we face. We came across a loop attachment machine, since we face challenge while attaching loops in the denim garments. We will recommend all our vendors to come here as the visit has proved beneficial for us.

Visiting GTE great experience for womens wear manufacturer

Mr. Rajil Mittal, GM, Ma'am Arts, Jaipur

This is our first visit to GTE and we are manufacturers of western womenswear and have 700 stitching machines. Visiting GTE has been a great experience as we got to see advanced stitching technologies, particularly the button stitching machines, laser fabric cutters and also label cutting machines. We got to see applications firsthand at the stalls of the exhibitors. We might surely purchase these technologies for our plant.

GTE a must visit exhibition to stay updated on latest technologies

Mr. SP Setia, SP Setia & Associates, New Delhi

We visit GTE every year and are consultants to the textile and garment industry and help companies set up new units. GTE is a really good exhibition, informative and is a must visit destination for those who want to stay updated technologies. We had good meetings with 3-4 exhibitors and also came across a few Made-in-India technologies of which we were not aware. The ambience and cleanliness is also very good this time.

BS Sports plans purchase of stitching and heat transfer machines

Mr. Anuj Bansal, MD, BS Sports, Delhi

This is the fourth time we are visiting GTE and are a sportswear manufacturer. We have decided to purchase 4-5 stitching machines, one heat transfer machine and also foil papers from GTE exhibitors. We will close the deal with these exhibitors once the exhibition is over. We are fully satisfied with our visit to GTE 2020.

Google Garments to purchase laser cutting machine

Mr. Baldeo Mandhani, Google Garments, Amravati (Maharashtra)

We are visiting GTE for the first time and had come on the first day and have again come today on the second day. We are into manufacturing of sportswear and have 45 stitching machines. We have come to see new developments in all segments of garment machinery. We have particularly liked a fabric laser cutting machine and will purchase it within the next 2-3 months.

Vinayak Creations 100% satisfied with visit

Mr. Aditya Rathi, Vinayak Creations, Surat

We manufacture ethnic womenswear and also have a brand called Four Buttons and have 100 stitching machines. We have come to GTE to enhance our knowledge on latest machineries. We came across innovative CAD CAM solutions, sensor based technologies and advanced stitching machines, which we do not get to see in Surat. We will plan to buy these technologies in the near future. We are 100% satisfied with our visit

Interior designer visits GTE to add &upgrade existing machinery

Ms. Nutan Pundir, Interior designer, Shearling Skins, Gurgaon

We have been visiting GTE since the last 15 years and produce furniture and home furnishings. We already have a stitching unit with 32 machines and plan to add and also upgrade a few. We came across the latest developments in stitching and quilting machines. Once we finish discussions in our office, we will finalise purchase of these machines. We have always purchased machines of Juki from GTE exhibitors.

Fashion designing student excited on seeing latest technologies

Ms. Farkhunda Hami, Student, Design Academy, New Delhi

I am a first year student of fashion designing and am also refugee from Afghanistan. This is my first visit to GTE and am very excited to see all the latest machineries that I could see like automatic stitching machines and the latest in steam irons, printing machines, garment accessories, etc. If we need to leave the country, I will continue to study fashion designing in another country. I also want to design clothing and start a shop of my own.

Fashion designing student finds GTE 2020 interesting

Ms. Mina Sediq, Student, Design Academy, New Delhi

I am visiting GTE for second time and all of us are refugees from Afghanistan. I am a second year student of fashion designing. Our visit has proved to be very interesting as we got to see the latest technologies in stitching, knitting and digital printing machines. If I am able to stay in India, I am planning to design garments and start a boutique.

Fascino Exports visits GTE to automate whole garment plant

Mr. Karan Biyani, VP, Fascino Exports, Kolkata

We are into manufacturing and exports of denim garments and have around 500 stitching machines. We have now planned to automate all our technologies in the next six months, which is why we have come here. We have already shortlisted stitching as well as washing machines. Our experience has been really good as we got to see all the technologies at one place.

Embroidery designer plans to buy new version of Wilcom software

Mr. Alam, Suhail Embroidery, Saharanpur

We offer embroidery designing services and use Wilcom Software. We regularly visit GTE to keep ourselves updated on the latest developments in embroidery machinery and software. This year, Wilcom has introduced a new version of the software, which has new updates as against the one we have. We will plan to purchase the upgraded version in the next few months.

Handloom House excited with visit to GTE 2020

Ms. Reema Chandana, Handloom House, Panipat

We are manufacturers of bed sheets, cushion covers, curtains, etc. We are planning to set up a production unit and so are visiting GTE to check out machineries. We plan to purchase 2-3 embroidery machines and 12-15 stitching machines. We have met various exhibitors and our experience has been exciting, as we got to see machines from so many companies under one platform

Wearknots Industries visits to purchase socks machines

Mr. Rachit Jain, Director, Wearknots Industries, Faridabad

We visit GTE every year and are into production of yarns and now plan to diversify into manufacturing of socks. We came across 5-6 exhibitors of socks manufacturing machinery and it was a good learning experience. We are completely satisfied with our visit to GTE and will finalise the purchase after deliberations at our plant.

Ballyfab International has good experience at GTE 2020

Mr. AbirBrdia, Ballyfab International, Kolkata

We are manufacturers and exporters of jute products like bags, etc and have 425 stitching machines. We have come here to see latest machines and came across smaller models of embroidery machines. We also saw various heavy duty machines in Jack brand. I am returning to Kolkata today and after I give my feedback, our technical team will visit on the third day. My experience has been good.

Patel Garments has excellent experience at GTE 2020

Mr. Atul Jogani, Owner, Patel Garments, Surat

We are manufacturers of shirts. In Surat we do not get to see the whole range of garment machinery and so have come to GTE. We got to see various embroidery machines and their attachments as well as silicon sheets to make stickers. We will surely purchase the silicon sheets and a cutter for the sheets as well as a single needle embroidery machine. Our experience has been excellent. We will now come every year to GTE.

SMKC International fully satisfied with visit to GTE 2020

Mr. Raj Kapoor, SMKC International, New Delhi

We have been coming to GTE since the last 10 years and are exporters of women's westernwear. We came across a new generation of stitching motors, automatic button stitching machines as well as embroidery and digital printing machines. We may plan to buy the button stitching machines in the next few months. We are fully satisfied with our visit to GTE 2020 exhibition

Adorz Wears has exciting experience at GTE 2020

Mr. Sarvesh Singla, Director, Adorz Wears, Faridabad

We have come to GTE for the first time and are manufacturers of garments and have come as we want to buy a few advanced stitching machines. We had discussions with 3-4 exhibitors and will definitely purchase from these vendors. We also came across the latest embroidery machines, which we will plan to buy later. Our experience has been exciting as we could compare various brands and technologies that these suppliers offer under one roof.

Aura to buy 50 single needle flatbed stitching machines

Mr. Urvish Bansal, Director, Aura International, Noida

This is the first time we have come to GTE and are producers and exporters of leather garments and bags and have come here to see single needle flatbed stitching machines. We came across this machine with various brands and several exhibitors. We will be purchasing around 50 machines. We have visited foreign exhibitions, but GTE seems to be better managed. The ambience too is good and very clean.

RST Narayani satisfied with visit to GTE 2020

Mr. Rajan Chhatwal, Founder, RST Narayani, Delhi

This is our second visit to GTE and we are manufacturers of garments and have come to see advanced technologies. We came here to see a particular stitching machine to reduce labour. Although it is available, none of the exhibitors were showing the machine, but they have promised to get back to me. There is a company from Bangalore supplying seamless technologies, which I liked very much. We are satisfied with our visit.

Pune fashion design institute visits GTE to upgrade technologies

Mr. Dilip Karampuri, Liberty Institute of Fashion Technology, Pune

We offer courses in fashion designing and have come here to GTE since we plan to upgrade machineries in our institute and also educate ourselves on the latest developments. We came across latest embroidery machines and attachments, automatic stitching machines and also digital printers. We are again coming back tomorrow and finalise the technologies that we plan to purchase.

Bharat Seats finds solution to stitching challenges at GTE

Mr. Gaurav Khera, Plant Manager, Bharat Seats Ltd

Bharat Seats is a JV with Maruti and manufactures car seats and carpets. We plan to set up a new plant and so have come here to check out latest machineries. We came across several updated technologies and also found a solution for a particular challenge that we face, while stitching the seat covers in the booth of Jack. We will surely purchase around 150 stitching machines and also a few fabric cutters.

Joint Director of Dept. of Handlooms satisfied with visit to GTE

Mr. A Suresh Kumar, Joint Director, Dept. of Handlooms, Bengaluru

We promote handlooms, textiles and garmentsproduced by units in Karnataka. We have come to GTE to check out the latest technologies in garmenting. So that whenever an entrepreneur comes to us, we can provide guidance on available technologies. All the technologies that we saw are now automated. This type of exhibitions should take place frequently. We are fully satisfied with our visit. We will also visit GTE Bengaluru

JKJ Apparels always comes across new technologies at GTE

Mr. Himanshu Chauhan, JKJ Apparels, Noida

We have been visiting GTE since last 10 years and are into manufacture of denim garments and have 2,000 stitching machines spread across five units. Everytime, we come to GTE, we come across new technologies. This time there are machines like automated back pocket stitching machines, while Jack has also launched a new automatic machine to cut pockets at very good prices. We always give feedback to our management after our visit.

Mr KL Arora, Director, Jagdamba Chem (India), Faridabad

Contact for GTE 2021 - mobile 9871901982

Jagdamba is into manufacture of garment processing chemicals and have come here to check out the exhibition. We have very much liked the exhibition and will plan to exhibit in the next edition.

Mangalam's objective of visiting GTE 2020 fulfilled

Mr Mukesh, Merchandising Manager, Mangalam Ventures Ltd, Faridabad

This is our first visit to GTE andwe are a 100% knits garment exporting unit. We have come here to check out CAD/CAM solutions, cutting and spreading machines. We saw all these products at stalls of several exhibitors. We also noticed that GTE offers complete solutions for a garment factory. Our objective behind coming to GTE 2020 has been fulfilled. We will now regularly come to GTE.

Garment chemicals producer plans to exhibit at GTE 2021

Mr Gaurav Goyal, Director, Yogeshwar Chemicals Ltd, Thane

We are into textile and garment chemicals. We have come here to check out the exhibition so that we can plan to put up a stall in the future. There are lots of exhibitors as well as buyers. We will surely plan to put up a stall for the next edition as our overall experience has been good as the exhibition covers right from threads to finishing machinery.