Igniting Innovation in Intimate Apparel and Hosiery Manufacturing!

Get ready to witness the unveiling of the future in intimate apparel manufacturing machinery and hosiery machinery at the Garment Technology Expo (GTE). As Southeast Asia’s most comprehensive apparel production technology show, GTE is renowned for showcasing the latest machines and processes that drive the industry forward. Unite us as we delve into the world of GTE and explore the cutting-edge innovations, product launches, live demonstrations, and new materials that define each successive show.

  1. Intimate Apparel Manufacturing Machinery: Revolutionizing Comfort and Style
  • GTE becomes a hub of innovation, presenting a wide range of intimate apparel manufacturing machinery that sets new standards for comfort and style.
  • Manufacturers and industry professionals can explore advanced technologies, from sewing machines to specialized equipment explicitly tailored for intimate apparel production.
  • Witness the seamless integration of precision, efficiency, and aesthetics as these machines contribute to creating exquisite lingerie, sleepwear, and loungewear.
  1. Hosiery Machinery: Elevating Performance and Quality
  • GTE is the perfect stage for hosiery machinery to take the spotlight, showcasing state-of-the-art technology that elevates performance and enhances the quality of hosiery products.
  • Visitors can explore a diverse range of knitting machines, dyeing equipment, and finishing processes that enable manufacturers to produce hosiery garments with exceptional fit, durability, and aesthetics.
  • Witness live demonstrations that reveal the intricate process of transforming yarn into comfortable, stylish, and functional hosiery products.
  1. GTE Bangalore: A Growing Epicenter of Industry Excellence
  • Since its inception in 2006, GTE Bangalore has witnessed remarkable growth, establishing itself as a significant event in the apparel industry.
  • The exhibition garners immense anticipation from apparel, made-ups, knitting machinery, and accessories manufacturing and marketing companies.
  • The 2018 show in August was particularly renowned, drawing the attention of the entire manufacturing, export, and institutional sectors.
  1. The Power of Networking and Collaboration
  • GTE provides a unique opportunity for professionals to network, collaborate, and foster partnerships within the industry.
  • Manufacturers, designers, suppliers, and industry experts converge under one roof, facilitating knowledge exchange and opening doors for business growth.
  • The expo serves as a melting pot of ideas and expertise, driving the collective progress and competitiveness of the apparel manufacturing sector.


Garment Technology Expo is the epicenter of innovation and excellence in intimate apparel manufacturing machinery and hosiery machinery. With its unwavering commitment to showcasing the latest machines, processes, and materials, GTE shapes the industry’s future. Join us at the next edition of GTE and participate in the transformative journey that revolutionizes comfort, style, and performance in intimate apparel and hosiery manufacturing!

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